• Rim

We've Got Some New Merch Designs, Including The Most Stunning Ugly Sweater* These Eyes Have Seen

Like any other pair of soulless profiteers, Rim and AB are here to push merch the week of Thanksgiving despite having not released a proper podcast episode in months. BUY BUY BUY!!!

No but really folks, we appreciate you listening and hope you like the designs. You'll probably be able to tell which ones I made. 😬

The Number One Ugly Sweater

Turn heads at your holiday parties this year with (probably) the only novelty ugly sweater design highlighting an interracial male podcasting duo.

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The Nature Boy Pilot Pete

In honor of AB's famous Pilot Pete-Ric Flair comparison after Pete inexplicably stunted on Bachelor Nation with private planes and blacked-out Benzes.

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Recoupling Logo

For fans of podcasting's sexiest summer fling — our Love Island USA recap show Recoupling — you can now purchase swag featuring this beautiful logo...just in time for winter!

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"Big Rosecast Guy"

Both Rim and AB have claimed to be "big [insert food/movie/Lady Gaga/etc.] guys" from time to time. In the vein of "The Man" Becky Lynch, all genders can be big Rosecast guys.

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