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We Didn't Listen To Our Heads, So Now We're Recapping 'Listen To Your Heart'

Imagine Bachelor In Paradise, but without the paradise and if every contestant was the guy with the guitar at the first house party you went to in college. This is the concept of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart, named that way so you don't scroll past it on your channel guide as quickly.

In a post-Jed Wyatt world, it came as no surprise that our listeners overwhelmingly said they didn't plan on watching this amateur hour "train wreck". Naturally, we chose not to recap it. The Rosecast is an entertainment entity, not a serving of vegetables a six-year-old eats around at dinnertime. We try to give the people what they want!

But then the people became quarantined, production of The Bachelorette stopped before it got started, and suddenly this spin-off inspired by a scandal had a very captive audience. It looks like Listen to Your Heart might just be the last bit of new Bachelor content we get for, well...I don't want to jinx anything.

So check the Rosecast feed on this website (or where ever you listen to podcasts) for the latest episodes. LTYH is only six episodes, and after one week it's unclear if there is any end goal for the contestants, so you may as well indulge in this "spoiler"-filled extended trailer to prepare yourself for the discomfort.