• Tim

While the cast for Peter's season of The Bachelor has not *officially* been revealed, you can find names and head shots floating around the internet, which is reason enough for us to open up our annual season-long bracket picks league on Bach Bracket.

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Rim and AB are fantasy game and bracket traditionalists, so we've set up our league like a classic office pool — make your Rose Ceremony picks for the entire season before the second episode airs. No need to set phone reminders each week or worry about falling behind in the standings because your kid took crayons to the wall at 6:30pm on Monday night.

To avoid rewarding the spoiled among us, we'll choose a few winners at random from among the top 15%. Prizes to be determined, but expect some form of merch and/or Bachelor-related reading material.

Jan 27, 2021

Announcing Our New Weekly Podcast: "More Rim And AB!"