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Bach Madness 2022: Vote For The Most Memorable Moments In Bachelor Franchise History

Round-by-round voting begins Tuesday in our Instagram Stories and on Twitter @rosecastpodcast. Video of each moment will be available at time of voting.

🏆 Enter to win a t-shirt:

1) Predict the results of the bracket by screenshotting or printing out your completed bracket

2) Tag us here or in an Instagram Story by Tuesday 1:00pm ET

Voting schedule (all times ET):

  • First round: Tuesday, March 15 at 1pm - Wednesday 1pm

  • Second round: Wednesday 2pm - Thursday 2pm

  • Sweet 16: Thursday 3pm - Friday 3pm

  • Elite 8: Friday 4pm - Saturday 4pm

  • Final Four: Sat. 5p - Sunday 5pm

  • Championship: Sunday 5pm - Monday 5pm

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