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Announcing Our New Weekly Podcast: "More Rim And AB!"

At long last, we're ready to reveal the "big announcement" we've been teasing for weeks: more Rim and AB.

As much as we love recapping The Bachelor, we still have the itch to talk about other stuff — different TV shows, new movies, old stories/tall tales, sports contests, the occasional topical news event, Bruce Hornsby's anthology, etc. That's why we're starting a new weekly ad-free podcast lazily titled "More Rim and AB!"

The show is available for $4 per month on Patreon. If that sounds intimidating or complicated, don't worry, it's not. When you become a Patron, you'll receive an email with a special URL and instructions for using that URL to listen to the show on most popular podcast players (Spotify not included).

Check out the show on Patreon

(Note: Because we're launching this page so late in the month, we've turned off Patreon's "pay up front" function. You can give us a test drive at no cost through January 31. After that, Patreon will charge your account on the first of each month.)

Longtime listeners of our original podcast, Rim and AB (formerly known as the Rimcast), should expect the same quality (?) banter and chemistry, but more consistently and with actual preparation. You’re paying hard-earned money for this product, after all.

🌹 Rosecast fans, have no fear: The Rosecast is still free! If you just want to continue listening to our Bachelor recaps and have no interest in hearing us yammer about other stuff, it's all good! We always appreciate you listening.

We love podcasting, and we love you guys for listening. Whether you just discovered us through a friend, or you're an OG fan from 2015, we appreciate every bit of support you've given us over the years. We're excited to do more, and hope you'll join us for the ride. #sap